The Association of Registered Investment Advisers ( ARIA ) was born out of the need to support the development of the investment adviser community post the introduction of the investment advisor regulations by SEBI in 2013. ARIA was set up as a part of the inaugural RIA summit in 2017 from where a RIA Task force emerged, to enable the development of the RIA profession, and bring it to the standards of other established professions that have been in existence since multiple decades. The RIA Taskforce, over a period of meeting for two years, interacted with various stakeholders has morphed into a formal body under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 a company limited by guarantee, in January 2019. ARIA members come from different parts of the country and are a mix of individuals, corporates and institutions and are focussed on doing what is right for the investor without conflict of interest, and high levels of disclosure.


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